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Dongguan Jicheng Sandblast Equipment Factory is company registered in Dongguan in 2003, mainly engages in the production of sand-blasting machine, sandblast room, shot blasting machine, spray booth, sandblast room, etc. and has the annual production and marketing capability up to 1000 sets after taking efforts in learning, feedback, comprehension, self-development and manufacturing.

We have concurrently established long-term friendly cooperative relationship with many renowned international enterprises, including Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with more than 40 years of production history in sand-blasting machine, HARMO, NORTHERN in USA, Staubli in Switzerland, ECCO in Sweden (spray gun), PROGRZSSIVE in Australia and the like, which have been a solid basis for developing top quality products with upstream core technologies. Jicheng has provided power support and active contribution to the manufacturing industry and surface treatment technology in China.

At present, our JCR series products have been widely purchased and used by government departments like the Ministry of Railways, Sinopec, China Ordins Corporation and many clients from various fields around the world. Our consistent pursuit of harmony among the technology, price and service for many years has won more and more customers. At this point, we sincerely appreciate the ongoing supp from our clients and friends in various fields. 

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to:

Lung Kee Group, Cosco Group, TTi Group, Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Corp, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, Fortune Will Enterprises Limited, Yangjiang  Shibazi Group Limited, Xinyi Group, Shini Plastics Technologies, China Southern Glass Holding Co., Ltd., Daqin Petroleum Equipment Group, Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Emerson Appliance SolutionsShenzhenCo., Ltd., Guangdong Galanz Household Appliances Co., Ltd., Guangdong Midea Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., China National South Aeroengine, CSPC (Daya Bay), Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., Mitac Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Guangsheng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., Qingdao Pacific Oceaneering Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Huayang Electronic Co., Ltd., Foxconn Technology Group, Fujian Longxi Bearing Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Byd Co., Ltd.., Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. …

We have always deemed the customer, supplier and partner as our reliable friends, consistently adhered to the principle of “keeping faith, fulfilling duty and communicating honestly”, therefore have laid down a foothold and development framework for the stable development of enterprise.

Achievements represent the past. Jicheng has been conscientious toward the problems and challenges it faces. Jicheng aims to be a responsible corporate citizen to repay society and commit to excellence by relying on the innovation and brand creation from scratch based on both four development strategies (talent, brand, culture and technology) and the spanning of development ideas.


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